The Cork 1794 – Learn to Pair Like a Pro at Our Nine-Course Wine Dinner

Learn to Pair Like a Pro at Our Nine-Course Wine Dinner

Those who pair and pair well are dinner party legends. Lucky for you, our knowledgeable and experienced team put together an evening of culinary and wine exploration at our Nine-Course New World Wine Dinner, created to hone your pairing skills. Each of the nine expertly crafted courses complements our exceptional New World Wines selection, chosen from the most notable regions of California, Australia, and South America. Participants will indulge in various dishes, from delicate seafood to sumptuous meat, perfectly paired with bold and expressive wines. Our team will guide you through each course, sharing insights into the unique characteristics of the wine and how they enhance the flavors of the accompanying dish. Whether you are just beginning your journey into the world of pairing or are a seasoned wine enthusiast looking to level up, this event will broaden your knowledge and elevate your ability to pair like a pro.

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Investing in Local Students Through Education

Our team recently hosted a Life Skills class with students from the Millcreek School District at The Cork. Participants learned about the roles, responsibilities, and tasks required to successfully operate a bustling restaurant. The class wrapped with an interactive lesson, allowing students to create a refreshing mocktail and tasty appetizer. New partnerships made with numerous local life skills programs and centers will allow us to continue to invest in local students through similar educational classes with more reports from the classroom to come. Big thanks to the teachers and chaperones who helped make this field trip happen and the awesome students we got to work with.

Life Skills Class student learning at The Cork