Skunk & Goat – NEW! Smoked Meats, DEN Dressing & Growlers To-Go

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NEW! Smoked Meats, DEN Dressing & Growlers To-Go

Smoked Meats

Smoked meats in Skunk & Goat mug with full pint glass of beer

We are thrilled to announce that we now offer smoked meats, freshly packaged and ready to go. Choose from our flavorful smoked sausages (Country, Hot Italian, or Sweet Italian), savory smoked bacon, and wildly popular smokey joes. Place your order at checkout after your visit, online for curbside pickup, or by visiting the Tavern.

Smoked Country Sausage (bulk/ground) 1 lb. package: $6.99

Smoked Hot Italian Sausage (bulk/ground or links) 2 lb. package: $13.98

Smoked Sweet Italian Sausage (bulk/ground or links) 2 lb. package: $13.98

Smoked Bacon 1 lb. package: $10.99

Smokey Joes 1 lb. package: $10.99

*Prices are subject to change without notice. See Tavern for details.


DEN Dressing

DEN Dressing on table with Skunk & Goat tablecloth

Since the 1950s, Erie has had a love affair with DEN Dressing, a tangy and sweet French-style dressing that has been a staple at Sunday suppers, with backyard barbecues, and atop salads. Local hearts broke when production stopped in the 1980s and again in 2018 when fans could no longer get their hands on a bottle. Some local yokels stocked up, buying it by the case to ensure they had a stash. Others scoured the internet, desperately trying to find the recipe or locate a lone bottle. Billy Lewis (a local entrepreneur and Tavern founder) saw an opportunity to unite fans with their lost love and purchased the rights in 2018. The Lewis family headed to the kitchen with the original recipe, proudly adding it to the menu and as a to-go option. We’re offering 12 oz. containers, freshly made and ready for pickup!



Skunk & Goat growler on picnic blanket with basket and pint glass

We also offer ice-cold growlers. Stop in to select your favorite brew, and we’ll bottle it up!
Call us to find out what’s on tap now.