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Our Story

In regards to our Team, it’s quite simple, without each or any one of them, our doors would not open. Our Team Members, their safety and satisfaction at work is the absolute most important part of our operations. Additionally, we are continuously interested in helping, growing and developing Team Members to achieve their aspirations.

-Mac Lewis, Director of Franchise Operations

To build something great you need to build great relationships.

With our employees…
It all starts with cultivating an employee-focused culture. Ongoing education and appreciation empower our employees to succeed. From there, an elevated experience for guests happens naturally.

With our community…
We believe we’re a part of something bigger…the communities of Northeastern Ohio and Northwestern Pennsylvania. Each day Red Letter Hospitality provides more than 200 family-sustaining jobs. Our menus, which include charity cocktails that donate $1 per sale, offer a daily boost to local non-profits’ missions.

Red Letter Hospitality’s business model makes decisions that better the market for everyone.

With our vendors…
We couldn’t deliver amazing meals and experiences without our vendors. It’s a partnership that starts with a shared belief in the importance of high-quality ingredients and products.

With our guests…
Fully committing to all of these relationships makes Red Letter Hospitality uniquely positioned to deliver the enlightened experiences that definite hospitality to our guests.


Cork in 2014

July 2014

The Cork 1794 opens in North East, setting a new standard for cuisine and comfort in the remodeled former bank building.

Billy Lewis and Greg Brown


Red Letter Hospitality forms, reuniting business partners and friends Billy Lewis and Greg Brown.

Skunk & Goat Tavern Restaurant

February 2018

The Skunk & Goat Tavern opens. The reimagined concept and space in North East adds a second restaurant to the Red Letter family as construction gets underway for a new, expanded space for The Cork 1794 in Millcreek.

CoreLife Eatery

March 2018

RLH enters an agreement to build 20 CoreLife Eateries over the next five years. 1st CoreLife opens in Mentor, Ohio.

Corelife Opens

May 2018

2nd CoreLife location opens in Fairlawn, Ohio.

Molly Brannigan’s Restaurant

July 2018

Red Letter Hospitality officially takes over ownership. Molly Brannigan’s press conference announces renovation plans, new menu and establishes the restaurant as a key player in the new vision for Erie’s downtown.

Cork 1794 Restaurant

November 2018

The Cork 1794 opens in the West Erie Plaza, expanding not only its square footage, but its ability to deliver an experience like no other.

Corelife Opens

May 2019

3rd CoreLife opens in Boardman, Ohio

Molly Re-opens

Molly Re-opens

After 8 weeks of renovations Molly Brannigan’s re-opened with a new look. Molly Brannigan’s is the first of many buildings in downtown Erie renovating and upgrading their look.

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